Southern Sideshow

I’ve often been asked where I came up with the name Southern Sideshow.  After all, it doesn’t seem to directly relate to my blog or the products in my Etsy shop.  Plus, there are definitely more search engine friendly options out there.  In truth, Southern Sideshow is a name that’s very near and dear to my heart.  It’s a concept that started long before my Etsy shop was officially born.

Back in 2012 this California girl had relocated to a small town in South Carolina.  My husband frequently traveled for work and I often found myself alone with three young kids, a wild rescue dog, and a tendency toward awkward mishaps.  On one particular day I arrived home with a vintage sofa I had discovered in a thrift shop.  It was oozing with potential and I was thrilled to have a little piece of history in my new home.  I couldn’t wait to get that sofa in my living room.

While three two kids and a dog danced around with excitement in the front yard (and one kid screamed bloody murder), I dragged that sofa from the back of my SUV all the way to the front porch.  Dripping with sweat in the southern heat, I managed to hoist that thing up the stairs and into my sitting room, all while neighbors shot furtive glances my way.


I knew what they were saying.  “Bless her heart…” and “She’s from California…” As if that was explanation enough for my behavior.


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