DIY Clothespin Alphabet

The sun is finally shining!  Despite the onslaught of leaves that is attacking my workspace, I couldn’t resist sitting outside to write.

Clothespin Alphabet for Emerging Readers

I’m constantly on the hunt for easy literacy activities to do with Huck.  Clothespin letters are SO simple to create, and once you have a set there are endless activities at your disposal.

I had been working with a “basic” set of clothespin letters for a while now (think hand written in sharpie…), but I really wanted an upgrade.

At the craft store, I purchased a set of chubby clothespins and stickers.  Honestly, with so many alphabet sticker options, choosing just one was the toughest part of the project.  _dsc0265

I ended up selecting a typewriter font because the 3d effect was cool and I liked that the stickers seemed durable.  Plus, Huck is a bit fascinated with typewriters in general and I thought that might be added inspiration to do his schoolwork.

Look at my stickers, straight out of the bag.  I bet Martha Stewart never has this problem.


You’ll need some sort of glue to adhere the letters to the clothespin.  Most sticker adhesives aren’t strong enough to hold out through repeated use.  Just about any craft glue will work, but I used a hot glue gun to expedite my process.

Make sure you consider the direction you want your letters to face before adhering the stickers to the wood.  I wanted my letters to be positioned at the clip end, facing Huck.


Our end result?  A fun, functional set of alphabet clothespins for under $7.

Tips from the trenches:

  • Chubby clothespins are a bit wider than traditional ones, plus they’re shorter and easier to manage.
  • Buy a sticker set with more than one of each letter.  This way, you can use your clothespins to spell words.
  • Consider buying sets in different colors if you’d like to separate the vowels from the consonants.
  • If you use flat stickers, consider adding a layer of Mod Podge to prevent the edges from peeling.


I’d love to hear from you.  How do you plan to use your clothespin alphabet?






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