Early Literacy with Play-Doh

Most days, I’m a DIY kind of girl.  I’m always seeking out new projects and ways to put my own personal touch on things.  Why buy something that I can make?  But some days, I just need a break and a chance to sip my tea without simultaneously wielding a hammer.

That’s why I love these Play-Doh letter stamps.  They’re great for early learners who are just getting introduced to the alphabet as well as emergent readers.



Play-Doh letter stamps have been a great addition to our homeschool learning centers.


  • Sight word practice:  Huck selects a sight word and stamps it into the dough. This is great for kinesthetic learners.
  • Sentence building: After Huck stamps the words, we use them like puzzle pieces and build a sentence together.
  • Spelling Tests: a spelling test is so much more fun when it seems like a game.  The letters are small enough that my 2nd grader can still fit his words using just one little tub of dough.  (My fifth grader either needs a truckload of Play-Doh or a mom who gives him an easier spelling list!)_dsc0331


Besides the fact that my kids love this Play-Doh alphabet set, the best part is the price.  I found mine for only $8.77 on Amazon.  For me, a learning toy that is under $10 and can be used with multiple age groups is a winner.

If you’re looking to save even more money, you can make your own craft dough and purchase stepping stone stamps (say that five times fast!) that serve the same purpose. The Milestones Stone Stamp Set retails for under $5 at big box stores and many online retailers.  Each stamp is double sided, so you get both upper case and lower case letters.

I want to hear from you!  Have you found any great craft dough literacy ideas that you’d like to share?


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